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İKOOR MOBİLYA İMALAT KOORDİNASYON SAN. VE TİC.A.Ş. (Proje lideri) (www.ikoor.com.tr)

Ikoor operates and is highly qualified in the fields of construction, contracting, manufacturing and procurement, as well as in design and project management. Since its establishment in 1993, Ikoor has put its mark on many prestigious and successful projects both in Turkey and abroad. Ikoor’s policy is to present living environments for institutions and people with a wide range of products and services to meet their needs and requirements,  with contemporary service and quality standards punctually, at minimum cost, loss and error at a quality ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction.


Design and Engineering

Design in high quality building projects, along with the engineering and supervision of these projects are our areas of expertise. All phases are carried out with meticulousness and creativity. While taking customer expectations into consideration without compromising high quality principles, we perform rational and collaborative works. With the awareness that the success of a project depends on its technical solution providing quality as well as its design, Ikoor collaborates with expert companies alongside its own employees, depending on the nature of the project.

Project Management and Contracting

Ikoor fulfills its contracting obligations on time while meeting design principles and quality standards, on a turnkey basis . Our experienced staff, meticulous in application and production solutions, has adopted research and development as the main principle to providing and raising high quality standards in buildings. We believe that good ideas via proper project management and top quality implementation will turn into everlasting works.

Trade and Logistics

Accurate procurement of materials, products and services while delivering these punctually to the right place is one of the main principles of providing efficiency and quality in undertaken projects. Using products of high quality standards of its own production as well as procured from other sources, with correct supervision and implementation, Ikoor offers a range of products to meet all requirements.


Ikoor produces high quality furnishings in its 12.000 square meter factory located in Akyurt, Ankara, Turkey with its woodworking, surface finishing, metalworks, upholstery and assembly divisions. Furthermore Ikoor holds a wide portfolio of subcontractors and suppliers.


ORTA DOĞU TEKNİK ÜNİVERSİTESİ (ODTÜ) (Yerel Ortak) (www.metu.edu.tr)

Middle East Technical University is founded under the name of “Orta Doğu Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü” (Middle East High Technology Institute) on November 15th, 1956 to contribute to the development of Turkey and Middle East countries and especially to train people so as to create a skilled workforce in the fields of natural and social sciences. In 1963, the University moved to its current campus location which is the first university campus of Turkey.

The mission of the Middle East Technical University is to reach, produce, apply and promote knowledge, and to educate individuals with that knowledge for the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of our society and humanity. This is to be done by bringing teaching, research and social services up to universal standards.

Today, there are a total of 40 undergraduate programs in 5 faculties of METU.Owing to the quality academic education that emphasizes merit and excellence in scientific, cultural and intellectual studies as well as owing to the accomplished and qualified METU graduates, the University has become one of the distinguished and respectable institutions of Turkey.

Today, the University is proud to employ about 750 faculty (professors, associates professors etc.), 400 academic instructors and 1,250 research assistants. It is a great pleasure to offer education to over 26,000 students. The total number of the alumni now is above 114,000.

English as the language of instruction in all its degree programs has greatly facilitated METU’s efforts to accommodate international students and researchers. METU hosts over 1,700 international students from nearly 94 different countries studying toward myriad of academic degrees.

web_20 OMSIAD – Yasemen Aydogdu


OMSIAD – Canan Karalar


The Office Furniture Industry and Businessmen Association (OMSIAD), formed in 1999, and located in Istanbul, Turkey, is an umbrella organization of furniture suppliers.

OMSIAD’s first major goal is to safeguard the interests of its members:

  • The organization does this by performing studies on industry problems and offering solutions to its members, and taking problems to the relevant, competent, authorities.
  • OMSIAD also promotes cohesion among its members for collaboration to improve the sector, by organizing trainings and meetings, as well as with other associations and support institutions related to the office furniture industry.
  • In particular, it provides coordination between the material-producing sectors for technical, economic, and social development within the network of office furniture industry sector.
  • Ultimately, it aims to improve the competitiveness of the Turkish office furniture industry in the international market.
  • OMSIAD aims to support the development of the office furniture sector by increasing efficiency in manufacturing through technological, commercial, and economic research, which it disseminates to its members.
  • OMSIAD also supports the improvement of the quality of its members’ production to improve customers’ office quality of life. With the goal of trying to open up new markets for its members, OMSIAD surveys and studies developments in national and international markets and informs its members of sector developments.
  • OMSIAD promotes the formation of the professional ethics in the industry, along with high service and environmental standards, production quality, and design support.
Okul-150x150 Akyurt_Nevzat_Huseyin_Tiryaki_MTAL

Akyurt Nevzat Hüseyin Tiryaki Vocational and Technical High School began the education and training in 27 August 2010 in the name of Akyurt Nevzat Hüseyin Tiryaki Technical and Vocational High School.  The goal of the school is:

  • To be in the leading position in the field of vocational and technical education, to be a preferable dynamic school model.
  • The School’s mission involves training and educating students in the manner of productive, self renewing, and retrofitted in technology.
  • The School does this in order to meet the requirements of the public and private sectors, to train and educate skilled manpower in the fields of electrical and electronics, metals, motor vehicles and furniture as well as business and service field.

Education and training are divided into 5 departments: Information Technology, and Electronic Technology, Metal Technology, Furniture and Interior Design and Technology of Motor Vehicles. The Furniture and Interior Design Department includes programs in Drafting Furniture and Interior, Indoor and Furniture Technology, Furniture Decorative Arts, Furniture frame and Upholstery, and Wood Works Technology).

logo-(1) infoTRON_Genel_Sunum

infoTRON is a privately owned Turkish company, established in 1994. infoTRON has the mission to provide the best service or the product, in the shortest timeframe, using or creating the highest available technologies, to fully satisfy and add [+] value to customers in different industries, while increasing the individual knowledge, skills, and cooperation.infoTRON has the following profit centers: Product Design and Development (and Reverse Engineering), Rapid Prototyping, Licencing/Maintenance, Product Life Cycle Management, Simulation, Augmented and Virtual Reality.infoTRON Product Design and Development serves a wide spectrum from initial concept designs of products to the final stages of manufacturing, using high-end technology with powerful hardware and software, and most importantly by experienced, talented and hardworking designers and engineers. infoTRON Product Design and Developmentprocess includes Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Virtual and Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, Analysis, Manufacturing, Production and Reverse Engineering. infoTRON Product Design and Development’s mission is to be an excellent supplier of design and engineering products and services to the world renowned consumer goods, automotive, aerospace and defense corporations.infoTRON Product Design and Development has the necessary resources in terms of equipment to fulfill the needs of the customer. These equipment includes, rapid prototyping systems, reverse engineering systems, quality control systems, virtual reality systems, CNC machines, CAD/CAE workstations. infoTRON has talented designers and engineers in house. infoTRON has workshops for different applications. To ensure high quality, in time projects to customers from different parts of the world,  infoTRON had been employing ISO 9001:2000 quality standards for many years.infoTRON’s customer range spreads over the whole spectrum of Product Design and Development, ranging from Automotive to Government and Defense, Industrial Machinery, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Marine, Medical industries.



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The European Association for Vocational and Social Education (EBG) is a non governmental and non-profit private company and is active in the eastern federal countries in Germany and in SK, CN  and VN . The present 30 training centres in Germany address adult and young learners of a great variety (children, youth, adults, migrants, social disadvantaged people, workers, teachers, and educational staff).EBG offers several training activities (train the trainers, basic and further vocational education, vocational retraining, development of teaching and learning materials, curricula and certification) with a strong practical component, close alignment with working methods and processes as well job market requirements. Some relevant programmes of EBG are: Training programmes for metalwork, CNC, social services, biotechnology, health care, child care, chemistry and environmental protection.Since 2013 EBG cooperates with Steinbeis University and offers an integrated professional Bachelor’s degree (B. Sc.) as “European social and educational management in the field early childhood care and education”.In developing its programmes. EBG takes into account current labour market trends and vocational qualification requirements for the respective target group and ensures a high level of relevance to the field of practice. With the objectives of development of employment and equal opportunities we actively took and take part in miscellaneous European programs.EBG is certificated according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and to national regulations for education provider. EBG is member and of EVBB, European association of institutes for vocational training.

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ARIS FORMAZIONE E RICERCA SOCIETÀ COOPERATIVA (Yabancı Ortak) (www.arisformazione.it)
ARIS operates in the fields of vocational training, research and consultancy. Aris is an agency generated by Legacoop Umbria Association in 1987 to support the whole cooperative regional movement operating in different sectors: tourism, social services, social inclusion, consumers, buildings, housing, agriculture, logistics multi-services and facility management, inter alia.Furthermore, through the “Scuola Nazionale Servizi”, which Aris is a member of, Aris performs training and research for several sectors, also at national level. In this framework the LdV ToI project Highlight the Competences, led by Aris, was the first experience in Europe of an ECVET process really activated for a specific professional qualification. This qualification was Site Supervisor in the Cleaning Services, starting from the first Memorandum of Understanding for ECVET certification signed in Europe.Aris participated in a Project called CNC EUCAM, that involved the flexibility of modern CNC machines and systems required for the operating (operation and maintenance) of this technology, an advanced, and periodic, repeatable training beyond work-process- oriented support.