Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) interventions are practical ways to improve individuals’ performance in the working environment. As the definition, EPSS is an electronic system that provides users with on-demand access to integrated information, tools, and methodology in order to support their task performance with the minimum of intervention by others (Gery, 1991). Considering the current facts and procedures in CNC operations in woodworking, EPSS would be a useful complement in training CNC operators. In the context, CNC operators, as well as trainers, would have assistance in the learning and operational processes with EPSS. In the nutshell, EPSS would provide information about tools, activities and processes. However, implementation of EPSS would require an adaptation process which lead to effective use and utilization of EPSS. In that regard, benefits and outcomes of EPSS should be underlined for the end-users. Moreover, the system can be presented in attractive manners to take attention of users. The following techniques or designs would be used in EPSS presentation:

  • Performance support tools

  • Customized tools

  • Information base

  • Advisory systems

  • Embedded coaching systems

  • Feedback

  • Help Systems

  • Interactive training

  • Collaborative tools

  • Community building tools

In CNC operations, the expert opinions were mainly focused on interactive training, advisory systems, feedback and help systems. Thus, these concepts were the main focus in EPSS design in the project. During the prototype development, interactive training materials were prepared as well as forums as an advisory system and feedbacks, and repository including glossary of terms. Here, glossary will be open to be expanded within communities of practice concept, including users’ propositions. was also prepared for help systems. In addition to that, graphical framework will be provided to the trainers for curriculum development, which was expected to enhance individual performance.