Eng TR Description Images Notes
2.5 Axis or 2.5D CNC 2.5 Aks veya 2.5B CNC 2.5D refers to a machining scenario in which there are no overhanging elements to the part. In other words, everything that must be reached can be reached by plunging straight down from above.
3 Axis or 3D CNC 3 Aks veya 3B CNC Refers to a machine or CNC scenario that has 3 axes of motion available, usually X, Y, and Z.
3DM 3DM 3DM is the file extension for a Rhino 3D CAD file.
4 Axis CNC 4 Aks CNC Refers to a scenario or machine in which 4-axes of motion are available. Usually these are X, Y, Z, and a 4th rotational axis. The 4th axis is typically the ability to rotate along an axis normally parallel to the X-axis, and is usually referred to as the “A” axis.
4th Axis 4. Aks The term “4th Axis” often refers to the hardware necessary to add a 4th axis to a 3 axis CNC machine. This hardware typically consists of a motorized rotary table mounted on the machines table and aligned so its axis is congruent with the x-axis of the machine.
5 Axis CNC 5 Aks CNC 5-Axis CNC is generally a mill or router that has an X, Y, and Z-axis working perpendicular to one another together with two rotating axes. Imagine a 4th axis rotating table that is used to rotate a 5th axis that can also rotate at right angles to the 4th axis.
A-Axis A Aksı The A-Axis is the rotational axis about the X-Axis. See “Axes” for a diagram.
Absolute Coordinates Mutlak Koordinatlar Absolute coordinates are expressed relative to a fixed position whereas Relative Coordinates (see also) are relative to the current position of the cutting tool. The G90 command places the part program into absolute coordinate mode. G91 cancels absolute coordinate mode and places the part program into relative coordinate mode.
Absolute Move Mutlak Hareket An absolute move is made using absolute coordinates, so it commands motion to an exact location specified relative to the origin of the coordinate system. A relative move is made using relative coordinates and so is specified as a move from the current position
Accuracy Hassasiyet Accuracy is the difference between the expected value and the actual value of some measurement.
Acetal Asetal When combined with PTFE (Teflon), acetal makes an excellent low friction material with which to coat machine ways. This is the material used on the Tormach CNC mill, for example.
ACME Screw Vida-Somun ACME is the most common type of leadscrew found in machine tool applications. The ACME thread is a particular type of thread. Compared to a ballscrew (see also Ballscrew), ACME leadscrews have very high friction and backlash, both of which are undesirable attributes for high performance CNC applications.
Active High/Low Logic Etkin Yüksek/Düşük Mantık The terms “Active High” and “Active Low” refer to how electrical signals are interpreted. In Active High logic, the presence of a higher voltage (within a specified range) indicates a signal is present. Active High logic is also referred to as “Open Collector” logic. While it may seem odd to use the absence of voltage to indicate the presence of a signal, there are advantages to this approach. In general, it gives the circuit a much broader tolerance for the voltages used.
Angular Contact Bearing Eğik Bilyeli Yatak Angular Contact Bearings are ball bearings designed to deal with heavier axial loads. A typical ball bearing is designed to deal with pure radial loads and are not well supported the closer the load comes to the axis of the bearing. They are commonly used to support leadscrews and in building precision spindles for machine tools.
Annealing Tavlama Annealing is a heat treating process that is designed to remove the hardness of a material so that it can be machined.
Arbor Mil An arbor can be either a workholding device, or a toolholder. As a workholder, it generally refers to a device that can expand it’s OD to clamp the ID of a workpiece. As a toolholder, it is similar to a spindle and is used in conjunction with grinding and buffing. A very similar term is “Mandrel”.
ASE ASE ASE is the file extension for 3DS Max ASCII export files from Autodesk. In other words, a CAD file.