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Cast: Molly Windsor, Joseph Quinn, Stefanie Martini, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Lisa Palfey Director-Screenwriter: Claire Oakley Producer: Emily Morgan Director of photography: Nick Cooke Production. The one friendly face is Jade (Stefanie Martini), whose hobby is makeup and hairstyling and who offers to give Ruth a makeover. The worlds defining voice in music and pop culture: breaking whats new and whats next since 1952. Near the end of the film, Jade gives her coat to Ruth to keep warm after the swim in the ocean. Down there she is, on the microwave antenna, her head bleeding. 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Watch the trailer. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Make Up is a compelling mystery tale about fascination and obsession, told through the prism of a woman whos the epitome of an unreliable narrator. Genre: Drama, Mystery & thriller Original Language: English (United Kingdom) Director: Claire. While 47 Meters Down plunged audiences into shark-infested. Her husband was a controlling man who dictated Coral's life. Fall is being promoted as "from the producers of 47 Meters Down," which is a clever move for two films that could be sisters or a future cult classic double feature. Janus Films. Ive been to places like this, holidayed at resorts like this, though not Cornwall and never outside of the tourist season. After being a phenomenon. Were any of the characters written to feel like actual characters rather than obvious metaphors and extensions of Ruths personality, I feel like the obviousness of the films metaphor wouldnt be such a frustrating knock. With some good MacGyver shit, she attaches the backpack to the rope, where Becky can haul it up. Shes the imaginary friend that Becky needs at this moment someone who cheers her on, pushes her forward, remains hopeful and always on her side. This drama starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Tim Roth, and Henry Goodman, tells the story of a man with a lot of money who tries to leave his family when his mom dies. Writer-director Claire Oakley taps into this mood for her debut feature, a psychological drama-thriller set in a wintry caravan park in St Ives, Make Up is available on Curzon Home Cinema from 31 July. Windsor is absolutely the star here, like a deer caught in the headlights of a world in which everyone else seems to know exactly who they are. Jordan Peele's horror-comedy is a bonafide critical and audience hitbut a lot of what makes it great couldn't be mentioned before. Our "heroes" (a group of strippers, pornstars, and struggling filmmakers) drive their van to a ranch in the. For all my harping about its crippling lack of substance and prioritisation of aesthetics that it maybe leans too detrimentally hard on, those aesthetics are gorgeous and finely considered. At this point, the ex-girlfriend gets wind of his new found success and hurries to the convention in order to protect her turf, albeit her old turf. The first time through watching Fall, you might think Hunter is sacrificing for her friend as recompense for her betrayal, but guilt doesnt equal superhuman endurance. Costume designer: Holly Smart And soon, she finds herself haunted by some much more shocking and perplexing images. However, Craig Mazin's TV series adaptation of the game of the same name is quickly heading to become the best-ever video game adaptation if fan reviews are anything to go by. Fans ofNormal People, rejoice: there might just be a new career-best performance from Paul Mescal to enjoy in the shape of his performance as a struggling young dad in major British indie debut,Aftersun. Before jumping to the ending, let me warn you there are spoilers ahead, so if you haven't seen the film yet, Please stop reading from here because there are spoilers ahead. Please reference Error Code 2121 when contacting customer service. Then I went off to this filmmakers lab in Croatia where wed all read one anothers work and give feedback, and this guy read the short film and said: So youre a lesbian then?, I know. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out. Pump up the cardio and strength training. A movie thats been deliberate hurtles toward its ending, and I wanted it to breathe as much in its final act as the first hour. It has many romantic scenes. But in the film's final moments, the lowkey surrealism and slasher movie set pieces thrown Buckley's way take on a much weirder, monstrous, body-horror form. The life hack that Hunter taught Becky at the diner sticking a charging plug's prongs into a lamp socket is how she recharges the drone. The biggest stories of the day delivered to your inbox. I didnt know why or what was going on and in a way, your mind plays tricks on itself. Beckys husband and her best friend cheated together, the discovery of which adds another layer to Becky's misery. I mean that although writer-director Claire Oakleys debut feature drapes itself in gorgeous horror aesthetics and aims to fixate on its protagonists psychological torment, it is not a horror movie, not really. I knew I wanted the film to be set on the coast and I spent quite a lot of time in Cornwall as a teenager, so it felt perfect to me. Hunter doesnt reach out to hold her steady on the platform. Dont worry, it wont take long. Is this place haunted? Coming Soon. The film has a happy ending, more or less. 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At one point she resorts to intentionally withholding the payoff of a certain scene until later on in a manner thats likely supposed to represent suppression of ones true self but in execution just comes off as needlessly obfuscating important information. Producer: Emily Morgan Becky says softly, Wait, I thought you said you didnt watch it. Hunter responds, I didnt. So how did she know the name? The final scene is our new couple and the daughter of the new girlfriend playing putt putt golf. Cinematography and score were decent. Wayne: Created by Shawn Simmons. I mean that although writer-director Claire Oakley's debut feature drapes itself in gorgeous horror aesthetics and . Tom can be a little controlling and suspicious, and Ruth starts to blossom away from home for the first time, but not because of her boyfriend. Valiantly or foolishly, she unhooks herself from the safety rope and takes a risky leap to the dish. 2022 Set The Tape. Hunter advises they turn the low-battery drone around rather than chance losing it. Prisoners Ending Explained (In Detail) By Lewis Glazebrook Published Dec 13, 2022 Prisoners was released in 2013, by acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve, and has a complex mystery at its center. But then why can she see this same kiss-shape mysteriously appearing at night on the windows of caravans that are supposed to be empty caravans that have been hygienically sealed in polyurethane wrapping for the winter like a ghostly ectoplasm? See you at your inbox! The Platform movie ends with Goreng and his inmate Baharat climbing the platform from Floor 6 to make sure that everybody on each floor gets an equal amount of food. Colours are bold and often harsh, buzzing interior lights and glaring television screens betraying a location thats stuck in some purgatorial past, almost oppressive even. 8.Isla Fisher almost drowned for real while filming the water tank scene in Now You See Me. Theres a sense that nothing makes sense when youre young and figuring out who you are. Director-Screenwriter: Claire Oakley Memento Movie Ending Explained & Themes Analyzed: Jonathan Nolan published a short story by the name "Memento Mori" in the Esquire Magazine in March 2001, which had served as the premise for his brother, Christopher Nolan's mystery-thriller film, Memento. The current state has set up a strong foundation for what we want the end version to be. A young woman travels down to Cornwall to live with her boyfriend at the holiday park where he works, but begins to suspect he has been cheating on her. Production companies: Quiddity Films, IFeatures She says nothing, even after she glimpses a redhead passing between trailers nearby. But soon they discover that all the people are dead. Because shes not Hunter. All rights reserved. The old girl friend embarrasses our hero in front of his new love by telling the new love of our hero's "formula for success" with ladies. As soon as the casting director, Olivia Scott-Webb, saw a draft of the script, she sent me a link to Molly in Three Girls. And with no redheads on the resorts small staff, who is this woman? I was in a very happy heterosexual relationship at the time, so I was really surprised and just thought he was really weird. The movie is full of romance and drama. And since Oakley also places such a premium on style and psychodrama aesthetics rather than complex psychological depth, I found the attempted cathartic freeing sensation of the climax to be rather undermined. 3 teases a bright & brutal MCU future, Chris Hemsworths Thor is brought to life with incredible Avengers: Infinity War bust from Queen Studios. But when we got financing for the film, it was through Creative England, which meant we had to shoot it in England. Of course, you could also argue that if it werent for Hunter and hubby, Becky wouldnt be stuck up there in the first place. People from all over the world have loved this movie. Instead, right when things threaten to get truly interesting, when the actual narrative and its central metaphor seem prepared to finally shift out of first gear, the film cuts out, not too dissimilar to Julia Ducournaus Raw. Manager Shirley (Lisa Palfrey) takes her on, and allows Ruth and Tom to stay in one of the static caravans, with much lascivious giggling about how the last couple to occupy it ended up having a. And that desolate ever-present howl of the coastline wind, rattling the foundations of these largely abandoned camps, mixing with the loud upsetting howls of nearby fox cubs scared because their mother has ventured out from the nest. You're almost there! This unique storytelling approach along with a committed, fantastic performance from Molly Windsor elevates the relatively generic story here into something unexpected, even if it sometimes feels like the emotions of the piece are sometimes more muted than they needed to be. The Menu ending explained. Her first take was amazing she was just exactly how I had pictured the character., It was always going to be set in a sort of foreign place where Ruth couldnt speak the language and didnt know the town. All Rights Reserved. Fairly early on there are hints that, despite having been in a physical relationship for three years, Ruth is intimidated by sex. kofiwidget2.init('Like this? Sometimes you just need a day off or, according to Ferris, most days off. Distributor: Mutiny Pictures An inventive hybrid of psychological horror and coming-of-age story, it's a. A teenager encounters ghostly goings-on and sexual intrigue at an out-of-season caravan park in a stylish psychological drama. Complete "duck out of water" comedy ensues, as the men attempt to fake expertise in cosmetics, and, attempt to meet the more sophisticated ladies of the cosmetics convention. Geek Culture | Movies, TV, Comic Books & Video Games. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified about each new post. Far more unsettling than there being some secret evil lingering underneath it all (theres not) is how objectively ordinary this place is. Make Up, the debut feature from British writer-director Claire Oakley, is one of this summers most dazzling films. I wouldnt want to reside there for longer than a week, that listed series of factors would slowly eat away at my sanity; midway through Make Up, Tom apologises to a despondent Ruth that their time together doesnt feel like a holiday all the time. The cumulative effect forces one into their mind to stew over things it may not be healthy to stew over and with nothing but time to do it in. What's the deal with Gordy the chimp in 'Nope'? Its not clear where Calum goes, or whether Sophie sees him again after the holiday shown inAftersun. Collateral Beauty (2016) : Movie Plot Ending Explained. OJ draws the alien away from Emerald, looking at it long enough for . If you say it sound like "putting on makeup" it definitely indicates the make-up Ben puts on his victim before killing them also implies your question from above that why Ben keeps makeup box . Oakley shuffles the timeline so that later in the film we appear to flash back to this moment whose import was apparently suppressed at the time, or maybe we are witnessing the way Ruth has re-imagined. 6 SaulsAll 3 yr. ago 35 If we see Dr. Hindle as the devil (Pierce Brosnan does rock a Satan-like beard), we . Is Tom having an affair? Her belly opened by the brutal beaks of vultures. It's a good metaphorical story, but should've been a short film instead, which is up Oakley's alley. The psychological thriller is directed and written by Lori Evans Taylor and stars Melissa Barrera, who was also in the very famous . Now that it's in theaters, let's . Despite it not really being a horror movie its more a psychological drama heavily playing with horror aesthetics as a natural extension of the setting and scenario Make Up reminded me a lot of Ari Asters bleakly beautiful Midsommar. Marvel Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Jurassic Park Movies Ranked By Tomatometer, Golden Tomato Awards: Best Movies & TV of 2022, Christian Slater and Jonathan Kasdan Talk Willow Finale, Allagashs Possible Survival, and Potential Season 2 Stories, Everything We Know About The Mandalorian Season 3. Friendship falters at the top of the world. The future of humankind. "Recreational Terror: Postmodern Elements of the Contemporary Horror Film." Journal of Film and Video 48.1 (1996): 17-31. what Jenkins has done in his work with The Chopstars to tweak existing tracks, Adventure of a lifetime: alt-pop duo joan launch a bold new era in the Philippines, Shame: When we started out as a band, we went about it in a pretty teenage way, Harry Melling: It feels like the Dudley Dursley narrative is changing, Taeyang talks his first solo single in six years, Vibe featuring Jimin, and whats next: There will be an album in the future. "The Banshees of Inisherin" and "Everything Everywhere All At Once" are poised to win big. She proposed this radio tower stunt, was the first up the ladder, took the desperate climb down, and made the terrifying leap for the backpack. Amie Donald's portrayal of M3GAN is certainly key to the movie's surprise success. Credit: IFC Midnight. Make Up gets under the skin during its eerily unsettling descent into jealousy and paranoia -- and leaves the viewer wanting more from writer-director Claire Oakley. Its a haunting, dismal, eerie place even without having Ben Salisburys by now expected drone of dread slathered all over it. Thirsty, starving, and exhausted, theyre getting weaker by the hour. Directed by Mark Mylod from a screenplay by Seth Reiss and Will Tracy, The Menu is a dark comedy that follows a famous chef and his restaurant guests for an experience they are not expecting. Theres a vague sense ofdanger everywhere in Ruths world, but Oakley makes it feel organic instead of forced. Ke Huy Quan: From the Coolest Kid of the Mid-80s to the Comeback King! Their insides often claustrophobically small, which Nick Cookes cinematography is always drawing attention to were never long from the latest boxy looking shot, really emphasising the enclosed nature of this resort, whether that be in one of the caravans, the washing facilities of the park, or even wandering rudderless between those identikit rows. They spend their days apart, doing numbing chores with few coworkers to talk to, then come home to eat unadorned spaghetti and watch TV. 14th Annual African American Film Critics Association Awards Recipients Revealed, Child of Graceland: Lisa Marie Presley (1968-2023), FOXs Accused Is An Emotionally Manipulative Void. Theres only one option left: to try once more to send a message by dropping a phone to the ground, where there's a signal. They assume her 60,000 social media followers havent gotten the call to action, and the phone is smashed to useless bits below. The images are arresting, whether its a sexual tryst within a grimy bathroom or Ruth pulled beneath the surf by red hair twirling like tentacles, and Oakley weaves them together to form something thats less like a narrative feature than it is a headfirst journey into the unravelling psyche of a young woman adrift in the world. Its into this utterly unique world that teenage protagonist Ruth (Molly Windsor) arrives at the beginning of writer-director Claire Oakleys beguiling feature debut Make Up. She arrives as a pair of headlights, glimpsed in the distance, cutting through the darkness and it takes her a long time to emerge from that gloom. However, she's also been known to gush over television, podcasts, and board games. Theres a chance that these two fighting friends might pull together to survive, but even as it seems like they just might make it after all, the movie has one last gruesome surprise in store: One is actually already dead. So it was definitely a scary moment for me: I thought I knew who I was and had made some pretty big life choices and then this very different thing was happening. Also, the movie has been wonderfully shot. See production, box office & company info. Spoilers ahead for one of the wildest movie endings I've ever seen by Amy McCarthy Nov 23, 2022, 9:05am EST Ralph Fiennes and Hong Chau in a scene from "The Menu." As The Menu, director Mark. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. It subtly tells a story about a father and daughter that flits between past and present, through shaky home video footage and holiday memories. Even though it. An inventive hybrid of psychological horror and coming-of-age story, its a thrilling, prickly watch with an authentic queer thread running right through it. Once you cotton onto the very obvious fact that Ruth isnt just focused on the possibility of cheating, often being lured around the park by flashes of red hair and that same lipstick smudge, then youll have figured out what the metaphor is and its a case of waiting out the clock for Ruth to accept it. I also see very strong potential in Oakleys thematic storytelling capabilities too, should she flesh them out to deeper than surface-level and pair them with actual believable characters. Vultures swarm in the darkness, bringing scares before revealing Hunters bloody corpse on the platform. All there is left to do is for Becky to crawl down and send one final message. So then I started thinking about where in England could make Ruth feel like an outsider coming into a very tight community. Wells boldly sets the scene to Queen and David Bowie mega-hit Under Pressure, which takes on a powerful, emotional meaning as Freddie Mercury sings, This is our last dance / this is ourselves while Calum moves freely, in a moment of immense catharsis, while Sophie of past and present tries to piece it all together. Aftersunframes a summer holiday in an all-inclusive resort in Turkey, where single dad Calum (Paul Mescal), in his early thirties, has taken his 11-year-old daughter Sophie (Frankie Corio). By creating an account, you agree to the Just confirm how you got your ticket. All Rights Reserved. Or is Ruth herself experiencing a spectral, psychosexual premonition of something in her own future? Synopsis (1) Summaries Jilted by his girlfriend, a despondent man retreats with his buddies to the all-female haven of a Vegas cosmetics convention where he ultimately learns about himself and rekindles true love.

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